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Decorative and functional, our transfer foils are available in a wide variety of patterns; including marble and wood-grain patterns. They also come in bold solid colors, bright metallics, including red, gold and silver. Even trendy holographics are available. Hot stamp foils can be used to enhance and decorate products in a broad range of industries and in numerous printing applications, including picture frames, furniture, pharmaceutical packaging products, plastic products, party supplies, promotional items - the list is limited only by your imagination! Our foils will add an attractive, consumer friendly and durable finish to your products.

Printing onto variety of materials.

Paper, PVC card, ABS , PS & PVC, Wood, Nylon, Leather, Painted Metals, Cardboard, Labels, plastic

Patterns: generals or customer's design with logo
Colors: golden, silver, red, blue, green.

Any customized requirement and specifications are available under our good service.


A. Hologram Hot Stamping Foil:

Generally, the transfer foil can be divided into fully transfer foil and partly transfer foil. The fully transfer foil is transfer the complete color pattern to the bottom of the leather, get the effect of harmoniousness and unity, and have the good quality of pliable and tough, used in shoes, bags and clothes; the Partly transfer foil can transfer the shape and pattern partly on the base (leather, textile),make the leather, textile looked more active and beautiful, it also extensively used on shoes, bags and clothe leather.Function and Feature
1. strong toughness, do not split, do not influent the patterns on the leather,make the patterns on the leather more plentiful and distinct improve the
products' quality.
2. Transfer foil has the effect of rescoring the pattern's height alive, distinct and exquisite, express the designer's thought perfectly; transfer foil conquers the flaw of inaccurate multi-color printing, conquers the flaw of slow in delivering goods of web-printing, and conquer the flow of less distinct of the pattern rank order.
3. Transfer foil has the quality of multi-color patterns, firm to the base material,durable and uneasy to fade.
4. Transfer processor is simple, do not pollute the environment, can get the effect of change the color of the leather and feature through integrate machine, raise temperature (120-150), and raise presser. It has no solvent volatilize or remains pollution, do not have reverse effect to our body. The transferred foil can also be recycled, suit for the demand of environment protection, and link with international standard.
5. Transfer foil's main composition is PU resin setup, nonpoisonous and tasteless, combine with the bottom leather perfectly, good adaptability and resist temperature, need not deal with ,but can emboss directly, integrate closely with the foil, wash ,and other processors afterwards.


















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